We offer a full-day Kindergarten, which shares a classroom with grade 1 in the main building.


Most grades at the elementary level have two grades per classroom.  The exact combinations vary from year to year based on enrollment.  Some courses in these grades are taught by specialist teachers rather than their homeroom teacher.

School starts at 8:10am for all students.  The end of the school day varies depending on the grade level of the student.

Kindergarten to Grade 5: 2:30pm

Grade 6-7: 2:50pm

Grade 8-12: 3:20pm

Children are to be picked up promptly at the end of school.  The school does not provide an after-school care program.  Supervision is over by 3:30pm unless there is an after-school activity. 


Older students may be involved with sports or music practices that take place after school.

High School

Grades 8 to 12 are taught by subject.  Students move from room to room to accommodate the various classes that they have chosen.  Most of their classes are taught in the gym complex.  Students in grades 10-12 may take some of their elective courses online through West Coast Adventist School, our sister school offering a distributed learning alternative; or through GROW, a distributed learning centre at School District No. 27 in Williams Lake.

Students and parents are able to check grades online through MyEducation BC.  MyEd is a student information system provided by the BC Ministry of Education, which is used by teachers to enter grades and attendance, and is used by the province to enter marks on student transcripts.  Students and parents of students in grade 10-12 may use this website to check for missing assignments or to see what their current progress in a course is.

Course Selection may be viewed on the right.


Graduation Requirements

Cariboo Adventist Academy issues the Dogwood Diploma, the high school diploma issued by the Province of British Columbia.  In order to earn a Dogwood Diploma, graduates require:

  • 52 credits from required courses, which include the following:

    • 4 credits of Physical Education 10​

    • 8 credits of Science

    • 8 credits of Social Studies

    • 8 credits of Mathematics

    • 12 credits of Language Arts

    • 4 credits in an arts or technology elective

    • 8 credits in Career Education and Connections

  • 28 credits from elective courses

  • Numeracy and Literacy Assessments (provincial exams) which are typically taken in Grade 10.

  • At least 16 credits must be Grade 12 level courses

Below are the courses that we offer in accordance with the BC curriculum requirements.  Required courses are courses that all CAA students are required to complete.

Grade 10

Required Courses:

  • Bible 10

  • English 10

  • Math 10 (Foundations of Math 10 OR Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10)

  • Science 10

  • Socials 10

  • Planning 10

  • Physical Education 10

  • Careers 10


  • French 10

  • Music 10 (Band or Choir)

  • Foreign Languages 10 (through West Coast: offerings include Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German)

Grade 11

Required Courses:

  • Bible 11

  • English 11

  • Socials 11

  • Math 11 (Pre-Calculus 11 OR Workplace Math 11)

  • At least one Science 11 course
    (Biology 11, Chemistry 11, and/or Physics 11)

  • At least one arts or technology course (selection found under "electives")

  • Career-Life Connections


  • French 11

  • Music 11 (Band or Choir)

  • Physical Education 11

  • Foreign Languages 11 (through West Coast: offerings include Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German)

Grade 12

Required Courses:

  • Bible 12

  • English 12

  • Career-Life Connections


  • Biology 12

  • Chemistry 12

  • French 12

  • Music 12 (Band or Choir)

  • Physical Education 12

  • Physics 12

  • Pre-Calculus 12

  • Socials 12