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For the 2019-20 school year, CAA will have a senior band for high school students, and a beginning band program for elementary band students.  Auditions for senior band will be held during the first week of school.

A choir program will also be started if there is sufficient student interest.

Coronavirus Update

Our spring tour to the Okanagan is currently postponed and will be rescheduled once the coronavirus outbreak is over.  We will reschedule it for next school year if it is not possible to do the Okanagan tour this school year.

In the meantime, students are asked to practice and record their practice hours.  Senior band students are asked to practice three hours per week, and Beginning band students are asked to practice two hours per week, beginning March 30.  This amount of time is roughly equivalent to the amount of rehearsal time that students will miss.  Practice hours should be submitted weekly by Monday of the following week.  Extra practice hours can be submitted for bonus credit.


Practice for beginning band students should involve doing exercises out of the red book, and going ahead in the red book once they've mastered the exercises that they're currently on.  Senior band students should practice their scales, their pieces, and they may also practice out of the blue book if they would like.  Senior band students also have the option of listening to the pieces linked under "links for students" for up to 15 minutes of their practice session.

Additionally, all band students will have a weekly 15-minute lesson on Zoom.  Lesson times were sent out in an email to parents.

Fundraising Projects

The CAA Music Program is currently raising funds in order to purchase a number of percussion instruments for the band, including a set of Timpani, Bells, Xylophone, Marimba, and Chimes.  Expected costs are above $10,000.  If you can help with a donation, or if you would like to help raise funds, please contact the director at; or, talk to our school accountant.

Musical Calendar

Thursday, April 16 to Sunday, April 19 -- POSTPONED
Okanagan Band Trip


Wednesday, April 22 @ 4:30pm -- CANCELLED

Cariboo Arts Festival Performance

CAA Band Room

More dates will be added as the year progresses.

Links for Students

Hello Band Students!

If you are here for the instrumental videos, please click here.

Here are some listening links for some pieces that we are learning right now.

Recordings of Band Arrangements:

Winter Concert:

Spring Concert:

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