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May 21, 2020

Dear Parents and Students of CAA,

I hope that you are excited to know that Cariboo Adventist Academy students will get to attend school in person in the very near future.  We have been directed by the Ministry of Education to put plans in place for a school start up on Monday, June 1.  The initial plan is to conduct grade K-5 classes 50% of the regular school week and grade 6-12 classes 20% of the school week.  How exactly this will be executed in our school depends on the needs and concerns of our school family. 

Teachers will be contacting families individually to find out their needs and concerns as we move forward with our planned start-up.

I know that some families are eager to get back to normal school, while some are still reluctant to make that move.  We are understanding and supportive of every family’s decisions in this matter and will do our best to provide the best educational support we can. 

Early next week, you will receive a detailed plan of how school will begin.  Included in this information will be safety plans, schedules, drop off and pickup times, days of instruction and general school and classroom procedures.

I hope you have stayed well during this stressful time and we look forward to seeing you in person.

Warren Friesen

Friday, May 1, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

We have had one month of alternate schooling.  Unfortunately this form of schooling will be our reality for a while longer.  Hopefully you are all able to make the best of the situation.  The goal of CAA during this time has been to continue providing a quality education for our students.  It has been, and continues to be an evolutionary process.  Our staff has tried their best to make a quality education happen, however, we understand that what we are doing is not perfect.  If you have helpful or constructive suggestions on how to make remote learning more effective we welcome your input.  Please contact us either by email or phone.  

Most of our high-school students, from a scholastic standpoint, have been functioning quite well with the remote learning format.  The students doing the best are the ones that treat the online classroom just like they would a regular school classroom. Our high-school teachers expect that, as much as their internet will allow, students will:

Participate in all class activities

Ask questions 

Attend class regularly

Use their microphone and camera

Complete assignments in a timely manner

High School report cards will be issued on Monday, May 4th.  Watch for those.  They will be coming via E-mail.

The entire staff at Cariboo Adventist Academy really want students back in their classrooms.  They just can’t wait to see them all in person.

It seems a little crazy but the end of the school year is coming.  With that in mind, it is time to talk about next year.  We are putting some nice plans in place for next year but cannot complete them until we know approximately how many students we will have.  Please get your registration forms in.  If you know of a student or students that would really benefit from attending CAA please encourage them to call for an interview.  

Finally, I have a bit of information to share.  In order to deliver a proper education for our students in the current, work at home format, their teachers have had to photocopy an extra ordinary quantity of materials.  Unfortunately our photo copier has been aging and this extra work wore it out.  To ensure that students continue to receive the educational resources they need, our school board voted to purchase a new copier.  While this was not in their plans or budget, they felt that it was very important to put student needs first.

To help offset some of the cost I am starting a Principal’s, Fund our Copier campaign.  If you are interested or feel able to contribute to this project, Mrs. Smith would be happy to write you a charitable receipt.  We will do a weekly update on how the campaign is going.  

Have a great weekend and thank you for being such an important part of our school.


Warren Friesen


March 20, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope your day is going well.  I am sure you are wondering about how the next few months will unfold.  We, as a staff, at Cariboo Adventist Academy certainly are. There are a few things that I can update you on.

  • Our staff is working on effective ways to deliver instruction to our students during this difficult time.

  • We will be offering a combination of online and paper based instruction. (paper that we email or you pick-up or access online)  

  • We will do our best to accommodate each family’s circumstances and make learning as effective as possible for each individual family.

  • If your family has no computer that your student can use, particularly at the high school level, we may be able to work out a plan to loan one to you.

  • Our plan is to start delivering remote school instruction on Monday, March 30.  This may change but we will do our best to make it happen.

  •  I check my emails every day and I usually answer my phone.  If you need information or need clarification on something please contact me.

  • Next week individual teachers will start contacting you by email or phone to clarify how they will be facilitating your child’s education.

Our goal is to educate our students and provide them with what they need to complete the school year successfully.  Teachers will be working harder than usual to do their jobs effectively. If we can all work together we will make this a successful and productive school year.


Warren Friesen

March 18, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

Below is a message from our school superintendent.

As a staff we are completing plans to educate our students for the remainder of the year even if schools are closed.  Watch for updates on how we will deliver this education.  I will try to give you daily updates.  We are working on the best way to deliver online instruction.  I hope your family is safe.  I will talk to you soon.

Warren Friesen

March 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

It is a real possibility that schools in Williams Lake may be closed for an additional week or two after spring break. We are keeping in close touch with our Head Education Department, FISA, and our local school district to be up to date and knowledgeable about best practices to follow with the virus outbreak.

If school is actually closed for additional time our teachers are preparing ways to give students their education while they are at home. High School teachers will deliver live classes in an online version and elementary teachers will send work home or email it to their students.

To help prepare for this very real situation, students need to take their textbooks and school supplies home with them. Teachers will try to make sure every student does this. You, as parents, could help by making sure your child has brought home their textbooks and school supplies.

Please watch for further updates. We will email them, post them on our website and post them on face-book. If you need to contact me during this time for some reason related to this situation please call me on my cell phone @ 250-392-7558.

During this uncertain and somewhat scary time I am very thankful that I can work at a Christian School where we, as a group, can be confident that God will give us the strength and wisdom that we need.


Warren Friesen

March 17, 2020: Letter from the Superintendent of Adventist Education in British Columbia

March 17, 2020: Letter from the Minister of Education for British Columbia

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