May 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

As you probably know, next week, starting June 1st , is scheduled as a come back to school week. This is a real shift for all of us, and while no plan is perfect, CAA does have a well thought out and workable plan in place.

Our biggest concern is, of course, health safety. We are following recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Work Safe BC for cleaning and sanitization and distancing. To help us to follow these guidelines we are limiting the number of days the school will have students in the school and the number of hours they will attend.  We have done our best to accommodate families that have children in multiple grades.

Very Important Point – Students that do not return to school will continue with remote learning. Students that do return to school will still learn remotely on days they are not in school. Cariboo Adventist Academy will fully support our students using whichever format their family chooses.

Elementary classes from grade K-7 will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays. Based on the information parents have given about the number of children attending we can safely accommodate this plan. If some families that have indicated they will continue remote learning only, decide to come back for live school, we may adjust our schedule to a 4 day schedule with different grades each attending 2 days a week.

High School classes will be conducted live as shown in the attached schedule. We have identified classes that we feel would benefit most from live instruction. If a high school student would like some live instruction not accommodated for in this schedule we will do our best to provide that. High school classes will be conducted with live teaching and zoom teaching done simultaneously.

No students, elementary or high school will use lockers or locker rooms. Students can bring the supplies they need into their classroom.

High School Drop Off and Pick Up

High school students must come only for scheduled classes unless special arrangements have been made. They must go directly to their classes with no loitering in the hallways. When their classes are over they must be picked up immediately. Students will stay in their designated classroom until their ride is in the parking lot. Because our high school teachers are still teaching a full schedule they will not have time to be supervising students “waiting for a ride”. Please pay close attention to class beginning and end times.

Elementary Drop Off (8:00 am – 8:15 am)

  • Please do not come early. If, however, you are late we can accommodate you.

  • Parents will pull up and drop off children.

  • Children will enter the school through the Exit Door in their Classroom.

  • Teachers will admit students into their classroom, have them wash their hands and then take their seat.

  • Parents and Drivers remain in their vehicles unless they have business in the school. They may enter through the main entrance.

  • Mr. Mills and/or Mr. Friesen will supervise the parking lot to be sure students know where to go and get there safely.

Elementary Pick Up (2:30-2:35)

  • Students will stay in their class until their parents arrive. Grade 6 & 7 will wait in the K-1 Room.

  • Miss J and Mrs. Brucks will let students out their exit doors when their ride arrives.

  • Miss Rempel will inform Grade 3&4 when their ride arrives. Mrs. Harford will then let students out her exit door.


Please be sure that pickup times and drop off times for elementary students are strictly adhered to. We cannot provide safe supervision in an unstructured environment.

Cariboo Adventist Academy is very excited to have students in the building.  Please watch for further notices. Important announcements about final High School exams and Graduation are coming.

Finally. Our plan is for school to officially end this school year as shown on our school calendar.

Have a great afternoon.

Warren Friesen

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